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Sharp at CEATEC 2017: Changing the World with 8K and AIoT

Sharp unveiled a host of products, technologies and services at CEATEC Japan 2017. The products and prototypes are initially aimed at the Japanese market, and give us a glimpse into the near future of our homes and offices.

CEATEC Japan is a futuristic annual exhibition dedicated to CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) and innovations in IoT (Internet of Things). This year, the four-day event took place at the Makuhari Messe Convention Centre in Mihama-ku, Chiba City.

Sharp’s theme for the show was “Changing the world with 8K and AIoT” with a stand made up of “AIoT World” and “8K World.” Sharp’s AIoT is an exciting concept, that looks at the application of a fusion of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) to a range of electronic products for the home and office.

Sharp’s stand was built around three stages and four ‘Experience Zones’, where visitors could take part in demonstrations.

AIoT Product Experience Zone

The AIoT Product Experience Zone showed how Sharp imagines AI will be used in the home and the office of the future, and how IoT and the cloud will learn our habits and preferences to better improve our digital lives.

For example, Sharp’s smart kitchen provided a Meal Kit Delivery Service that makes full use of AIoT through partnerships with food companies, while the Sharp Home Assistant uses the cloud-based HEMS (Home Energy Management System) to maximise solar-produced energy in the home, helping to minimise electricity bills.

Visitors to the stand were also able to see the evolution of Sharp’s AQUOS TV technology: from a standard television set through to an AIoT TV that would be the central digital hub of the home.

For the office, new smart working concepts were shown that link together connected meeting spaces, table displays, and Sharp’s high-resolution BIG PAD interactive LCD display.

From Sharp’s Energy Solutions division, Sharp showed a Smart ECO solution, which showed how solar energy captured via a roof could be converted to electricity, while sunlight shining into windows can be used to light a room.

8K Product Experience Zone

This zone was dedicated to Sharp’s 8K Ecosystem, which includes TVs, broadcast receivers and 8K cameras.

8K is a revolutionary technology for ultra-high-definition images with 16 times the resolution of full-HD which could not be expressed with 4K images. It reproduces images with ultra-fine details that even the naked eye cannot capture. 8K will dramatically impact many aspects of our lives, not only entertainment, but also medicine, business, security, and signage.

Sharp’s 8K TV is set for release in China in October 2017, in Japan in December, in Taiwan in February 2018 and in Europe in March 2018.

Display Gallery

The Sharp Display Gallery presented a range of products demonstrating the practical applications of Sharp’s proprietary display technologies. For example, visitors were able to view the world’s highest resolution HMD/IGZO technologies, such as Super Wide Displays that render highly realistic images on an ultra-high-definition display (1008 ppi).

Also exhibited was a transparent signage projector capable of projecting images onto glass shop windows and other surfaces.

New Initiatives Experience Zone

For those visitors’ keen to look further ahead, perhaps the most exciting space was Sharp’s New Initiatives Experience Zone, with prototypes designed for new business opportunities.

The zone included medical applications, from bitescan, a new health care tool that monitors how you chew, and offers advice on how to improve your technique, to an AGEs Sensor which measures the level of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products) accumulated in your body, to gauge your fitness levels.

Sharp also showed cold storage material, developed by TEKION LAB, an internal venture from Sharp’s R&D Business Group, focused on the future of food. Applications included an insulated bag to keep alcohol at sub-zero temperatures and a cold tray specially designed for chocolate.

If you would like to find out more about Sharp at CEATEC 2017 please visit our Global Event page.


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