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Sharp Announces RemindMeCare Collaboration to Improve Personalised Care for Elderly

London, 08-10-2019
Sharp has announced that it is partnering with Health-Connected Ltd (HCL), a leading technology and app development company, to bring its innovative RemindMecare software to the innovative Interactive Touch Screen Table: Meet UP.

HCL creates interactive apps for the elderly and those living with dementia, MCI and learning difficulties. The RemindMecare (aka ReMe) software from HCL will improve engagement between care home residents and care providers, evidence activity provision and help the delivery of personalised care for the elderly.

The Interactive Touch Screen Table: Meet UP enabled with ReMe software is specifically designed to assist care providers to deliver outstanding care, and meet the ever-increasing expectations of the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Its core purpose is to support care providers to adopt technology to improve person-centred care and evidence activity provision.

The technology enables care providers to capture each residents’ usage of apps on the table, their degree of interest and the outcomes of the activity. The system also stores a resident’s personal information and creates a detailed and current profile of each person and their life story, capturing memories through favourite conversational topics and games, whilst also providing remote family interactivity.

ReMe’s ELR (Electronic Life Records) data maintains the resident profiles that can be used to help carers deliver enhanced person-centered care. ReMe also offers its own interactive activities, such as Cognitive Stimulation, music and discovery-based Reminiscence therapies that can be personalised for each resident based on their interests recorded in their personal profile, ensuring a tailored experience.

Matt Saunders, Product Marketing Manager at Sharp UK, said: “We’re very excited by the real benefits that ReMe can bring to the elderly and their care providers. The Interactive Touch Screen Table: Meet UP has already earned enthusiastic reviews from residents and carers for the variety of innovative group activities that it facilitates. ReMe provides another dimension to the table’s capabilities and makes a big difference to elderly care home residents, their families, carers and even, with its reporting capabilities, to the care home manager.”

Simon Hooper, CEO at Health-Connected, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Sharp to bring ReMe to more care providers. The Interactive Touch Screen Table: Meet UP is the perfect way to engage and evidence the personalised activities that ReMe is all about.”

Sharp Business Systems UK (SBS UK) is the exclusive distributor of the Interactive Touch Screen Table: Meet UP, but not the producer.

For more information, please visit:  Interactive Touch Screen Table: Meet Up product information


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