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Sharp and OH KINO Cinema Mix Retro Style with Digital Signage

When Polish cinema chain OH KINO needed a stylish visual display solution for their foyers they chose Sharp’s professional displays and digital signage.

Cinemas need to display a lot of information in their foyer areas: film times, upcoming movie trailers, food options and prices, as well as wayfinding to direct people to different screens. Much of this information changes weekly and many cinemas have moved from displaying paper posters, which are expensive and time consuming to print and hang, to digital adverts on screens, which can be updated instantly, from one source.

OH KINO prides itself on looking clean and modern but with a retro twist, so it wanted a digital solution that didn’t compromise on style. OH KINO takes its design cues from the beautiful and decadent golden age of local cinemas. Tomasz Kurtyka, Cinema manager OH KINO Arkady Wroclawskie, South-East Poland explains:

“When OH KINO entered the Polish market in 2016, our aim was to ensure the highest quality entertainment for our customers before they even settle down to watch the movie itself. We not only wanted to show great movies, but within an environment that has the charm of a small home theatre.”

“We also wanted the latest technologies to accompany these vintage interiors. We searched for a supplier who could offer comprehensive solutions, who would propose interesting designs, high quality images, and high levels of reliability. We want OH KINO to be a space open to business clients and to facilitate the organisation of a business meeting or the presentation of a new product. To meet these requirements, we created a unique multimedia space together with Sharp.”

When it came to decide which screens would be needed for OH KINO’s cinemas, there was no one-size-fits-all solution, as the three different locations required something different. Maciej Materna, Visual Solutions Product manager, Sharp Electronics CEE, explains:

“Sharp was very happy to take on the challenge of installing the system for several independent OH KINO locations. All of the screens are controlled by one digital signage system. The applied solutions were tailored to the client’s needs.”

“The solution coordinates the cinema’s data resources in order to display the appropriate showing-times of the movies, as well as those of the trailers.”

At one location, a video wall was created in the foyer using nine PN-V601As, a number of PN-Y556s were used in corridors in order to present advertisements, such as posters and for general signage, and PN-Q701E displays were used at the foot of escalators to present information that would help guide guests around the cinema.

Maciej Materna adds that Sharp “installed a total of 100 monitors and additionally ensured printing devices as well as full maintenance and repair.” Sharp also installed 14 point of sale (POS) solutions for the cash desks, such as the RZE 701.

Now completed, OH KINO has a cinema chain that looks spectacular and has all the necessary reliable technology to ensure that customers are presented with the right information when needed, thanks to Sharp. Tomasz Kurtyka states that “We are truly proud of our results.”

You can see some of these products, as well as the beautiful cinemas in the video, below:

Integrating the right products into the right space takes expertise and an attention to detail. If you would like to know more about Sharp Visual Solutions and how we can help your business create the best visual impact, please Get In Touch.


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