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London, 11-12-2018
Sharp Energy Solutions has provided 135 photovoltaic (PV) panels to SantaPark Arctic World in Rovaniemi, Lapland – the official hometown of Santa Claus in Northern Finland. The solar energy solution will help SantaPark Arctic World to save hundreds of kilos of carbon each day, dramatically reducing the attractions’ carbon footprint and helping to preserve the fragile Arctic environment for generations to come.

With over 100,000 guests from more than 70 different countries, SantaPark Arctic World offers a range of exciting experiences for visitors looking to embrace the Christmas Spirit. However, as climate change causes temperatures to rise globally it poses an increasing threat to Arctic nature, with the Finnish Meteorological Institute predicting a drastic decline in snow over the next 100 years. 

Sustainable and responsible development is a priority for SantaPark Arctic World, and the Sharp solar panels together with geothermal heating provide the Arctic Treehouse Hotel with an environmentally friendly solution while at the same time guaranteeing luxury comfort for its guests. 

Due to its location on the Arctic Circle SantaPark Arctic World experiences 52 days a year when the sun does not come over the horizon, and 52 days a year when the sun does not set. During mid-summer this means that energy production is ongoing for weeks on end, with the panels generating around 280kWh per 43kWp system per day. 

The layout of the 135 Sharp NU-RD300 PV panels at the hotel was specially designed by the installer PlayGreen to ensure maximum energy production from early morning to late evening, with one half of the panels facing southeast and the other half facing southwest. The premium Sharp PV panels were selected based on their ability to withstand the extreme weather conditions experienced in the Arctic Circle, and for their sleek completely-black design, which complemented the premium design standards of SantaPark Arctic World. 

With the effects of climate change directly impacting his hometown, the official Santa Claus of Finland takes environmental protection very seriously. He commented: “Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to remember to take care of your friends, loved ones and those in need. Christmas is a time of giving, and for us, Christmas is more of a mind-set and feeling to cherish and hold dear, all year round.  Taking care of each other, as well as taking care of the environment, is very important. It starts by taking small steps and making the right choices to ensure a better and safer environment for everyone.” 

More information about SantaPark Arctic World can be found here:  

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