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Reducing the hassle of print management with Sharp Managed Print Services

Reducing the hassle of print management is a lot easier with Sharp Managed Print Services covering everything from assessing your needs to transforming your business. Find out how it works...

Keeping your printers running and keeping your costs down can take a lot of time and energy. While almost all small and medium sized businesses need to print and scan information to function, most do not have the time, resources or specialist skills to manage their printers effectively. Without one person looking after this, unnecessary admin and consumable (paper and toner) costs can creep up while any broken equipment may not get fixed straight away.

With Sharp Optimised Managed Services, we can help you manage your printers with minimum effort.

To do this we use a five-phase process – from Assessing your needs and Proposing a solution, to Transforming your technology, to on-going Management and continuous Optimisation – that acts as a strategic framework that is designed to provide true collaboration, flexibility and scalability.

For example, we might find that you can replace your individual desktop printers with far fewer multi-functional printers that everyone can use, and we might recommend that you use software to monitor and manage your print and copy usage, so you can track and recover costs. Gartner has estimated that being proactive about print management can cut your office print costs from between 10 and 30%.

The service is underpinned by our range of Optimised Software Solutions, professional services, tools, management, reporting and our award winning hardware products.To highlight what Sharp Optimised Managed Services can offer your business we’ve created this video, which outlines the service and shows how effective the results can be:

For more information on Sharp Managed Print Services for small and medium sized businesses visit Sharp Optimised Managed Services.


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