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Benefits of Professional Displays

Sharp Visual Solutions is constantly investing in technology, reaping the benefits of innovation and presenting digital images in bold new ways. The Sharp best-of-breed display devices are available for visual applications in education, the office meeting room, mission-critical control centres, leisure and entertainment institutions and numerous retail locations up and down the high street.

Large format display signage continues to see continuous and significant growth, and is heavily driven by the retail sector, where image accuracy and realism is relevant. The Sharp retail signage solutions on offer make use of smart connectivity and more integrated solutions such as cloud-based dynamic content for easy management and maintenance.

Sharp video walls are the perfect solution to show amazing detail over a large display area, without compromise on fine image detail or image size, and guaranteed to make a big impact. With high-brightness capability and the reliable quality to run 24/7, the Sharp video walls can be found in many retail stores, airports and emergency command and control installations.

Although the simple price of a display is an important purchasing factor, end-users are looking more and more at colour accuracy, good uniformity of brightness and colour – simply better a pixel quality. In that vein, the demand for higher resolution goes hand in hand with better colour, and the Sharp professional display portfolio has grown with the addition of 4K UHD displays, which deliver the promise of more and better pixels. Particularly in the retail area, this can lead to more interest in luxury items, a heightened visual experience and finally more satisfied customers

Sharp positions itself as an innovator in display technology for those seeking a practical every day solution, while at the same time being the partner for amazing visual experiences today and tomorrow.

Professional Display Features

  • Professional Monitors and Commercial LFD Displays


    Sharp large-format professional LCD monitors and commercial LFD displays are designed to work virtually wherever, whenever and for whatever you need. Built solid, these Sharp LCD monitors are ideal for use in most any demanding environment. And because these monitors utilise an advanced fan-less architecture that doesn't require mechanical air ventilation fans, they operate silently with maximum reliability and with a minimum of dust intake. Every Sharp commercial display is backed by a 3-year on-site limited warranty covering parts, labour and backlight.

    Picture Quality

    If you demand exceptional picture quality, most Sharp large-format commercial LCD displays deliver full 1920 x 1080 (1080p) or UHD (3840x2160) resolution from virtually any analog or digital RGB source, or HD video source. Fine-print text and intricate graphics are stunningly crisp and clear. Whether for digital signage, command control or video conferencing, the PN Series displays bright, attention-grabbing imagery.


    Do you need better video conferencing experience? Digital signage? Large format displays for hospitality or stadiums? You will find all that and more with the Sharp's line-up of commercial LCD displays. Thin and lightweight, they are easy to mount and the PN series offer the choice of portrait and landscape installation to suit a variety of content and applications. Available in a range of sizes from 42" class (42-1/16" diagonal) to 90" class (90" diagonal), the PN Series is ideal for a variety of applications including videoconferencing, digital signage, CAD/simulation, corporate, government/education, sports arenas and houses of worship. And with Enlarge (zoom) Display mode, installations of up to 5 x 5 Sharp PN Series monitors* can be placed together to provide exceptionally large, high-impact video wall displays.

    *Some installations may require additional 3rd party hardware.

  • Design

    Slim Bezel

    A new slim bezel and thinner profile create a stylishly slender design, while a brushed metal finish gives the entire bezel a high quality look and feel.

    Lightweight Design

    Through improvements in LCD parts and materials, monitor weight has been reduced over earlier models, making it easier to transport and install the display.

    Built-In Speakers

    Built-in 10 watts per channel stereo speakers eliminate the need for an external audio system for many installations. These rear-mounted speakers are ideal for conveying audio content along with background music. Audio line-out terminals are also provided for easy connection with external audio components, and when used with the optional PN-ZB01 input/output expansion board, stereo speaker terminals (10W + 10W) are available.

    Carrying Handles for Safe Setup

    Heavy-duty carrying handles are included with each monitor to ensure safe handling. These handles may be detached when the display is installed. All models additionally incorporate a VESA-compliant mounting hole configuration to help ensure a safe and secure installation with compatible third-party mounting hardware.

  • Expandability

    ID Coding

    Using the RS-232C interface, each Sharp LCD monitor can be easily controlled and monitored from a central location via a PC. Each monitor can be assigned an individual ID code to specify on/off, input change and various screen adjustments and settings.


    For total ease of operation, the Schedule function allows programming of up to eight settings for automatic monitor turn on/off at specified times on a daily, weekly, or one-time basis.

    Web Browser Setting

    Sharp PN-E series LCD monitors can be easily operated through a Web browser and optional monitor control software.

    SNMP Support

    Display status, continuous operating time, and other parameters can be monitored over a local area network using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

  • Other Key Features

    Fanless Architecture

    Sharp LCD monitors are designed to maintain airflow and dissipate heat without the use of mechanical air-ventilation fans, which can attract dust and create noise.

    Built-In Temperature Sensor

    A built-in sensor detects when the temperature inside a monitor rises, and the backlight system automatically adjusts to keep the temperature within operational level.

    Power On Delay

    To reduce the load placed on the power supply when a number of monitors are turned on at the same time, the PN-E Series allows a time delay between the startup of each monitor when configured in videowalls and multi-monitor installations.

    Log Saving

    The Log Save/Output function saves operating logs, signal changes, and information on operational irregularities, which helps boost the troubleshooting efficiency of service technicians.

    Hardware Diagnosis

    The Hardware Diagnosis function detects any irregularities in power supply voltage and indicates those irregularities on the monitor.

    E-Mail Notification

    The E-Mail Notification function allows regular display status updates and malfunctions to be sent to a specified e-mail address.

    Automatic Adjustment

    When using an analog RGB connection, if a change occurs with the input signal timing, the clock phase will adjust automatically.

Video Wall Displays

  • Video Wall Display Features - PN-V series


    With the slimmest bezel in the 60” diagonal class*, the PN-V series is the standard for multi-screen video wall displays. Portrait and landscape compatible, full array LED backlighting and virtually seamless borders help you create high impact video walls in almost any size and format.

    * Based on published information as of June 8, 2010 for LCD panels of 60-inches or larger in size.

  • Enlarge (Zoom) Display Mode

    (for up to 25 Monitors)

    The Enlarge (Zoom) Display mode can spread one image across up to 25 monitors (in a 5 x 5 configuration) from a PC. The Frame Width Adjustment function virtually eliminates misalignment and boldly enhances the enlarged image on a multi-screen display.

  • Full-Array LED Backlight

    Uniform Brightness with Low Energy Consumption

    To give the PN-V series more uniform brightness than conventional CCFL* backlighting can offer, Sharp has positioned LED elements across the entire panel directly behind the liquid crystal layers, ensuring that Sharp multi-screen displays are bright, beautiful and uniform.

    * Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

  • PN-ZR01 (for PN-V60X Series) & PN-ZR01A (for PN-V551) Control Kits

    (sold separately)

    When one of the monitors in a multi-screen configuration is fitted with a remote control sensor box, all of the monitors can be conveniently operated through one remote control unit. And to help with overall energy savings, a brightness sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the backlight to match the ambient lighting.

  • Almost Limitless Display Possibilities

    Thanks to the PN-V series ultra-slim bezel, the borders between neighbouring monitors are a virtually seamless 6.5 mm* wide (for the PN-V60X Series) and 3.5 mm* (for the PN-V551) When used in a video wall configuration, this enables the display of crisp and high impact images of almost any size and format. And, with 24/7 certified reliability, 3-year onsite parts and labour limited warranty and ENERGY STAR® qualified, the PN-V series is designed to be exceptionally reliable.

    * Does not include the gap between the monitors.

  • Create Dynamic Video Walls

    Units: cm (measurements are approximations that include the bezel width)

    Almost any number of PN-V series monitors may be joined together to create high impact multi-screen video walls. These configurations may be controlled through RS-232C or over a network.* Their ease of control and ease of integration help simplify the design and installation of sophisticated video wall displays of most any size and shape.

    PN-ZB02 input/output expansion board is required for PN-V60X series network control. The PN-V551 includes a built-in network interface.