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Our Corporate Division will work with your company at a senior level; advising nationally but managing locally for fast response times. Together we’ll identify, acquire and implement the technologies and processes that will support your workforce in the years to come, saving you time, money and a great deal of effort.

Fleet Servicing and Management:

Sharp utilise a bespoke service management system to ensure the service received by our clients is both pro-active and robust. Our MPS client monitors consumables, meter readings and maintenance requirements. This information is routed to our regional control centres where our call planners ensure the correct resolution is provided as efficiently as possible.

We do not rely on automated phone systems and engineer dispatch protocol, at Sharp we believe that the human element is key to the success of a support contract. Our Divisional SERVICE MANAGERS are accountable for service delivery alongside your named SERVICE ACCOUNT MANAGER. This philosophy ensures we deliver on our promises, and in the unlikely event of further actions being required following a service incident a documented escalation process gives our clients the peace of mind that we will always maintain service delivery as our contract management objective.

Sharp is uniquely positioned not only to manage large printing fleets and software but also visual displays, cloud workflow and the full range of Sharp communication solutions.

Reduced costs

The more that you buy at a local level the harder it is to get the best value. By working through a single national provider like Sharp, you get seamless access to the international buying power commanded by our brand.

Our team can also advise on your processes, infrastructure and equipment, helping you to find ways to lower day-to-day operating costs and achieve measurable, sustainable savings.

Lower environmental impact

Everyone wants to be greener. Not only does it save money, but it’s what customers expect – and sometimes demand – from their suppliers.

From as far back as the 1990s, Sharp has been making substantial investments in minimising our environmental impact. From the design of products right through to end-of-life product disposal, every aspect of our manufacturing processes has been scrutinized and improved.

So by teaming up with Sharp, not only will you get access to some of the greenest technology in the world, you’ll have access to the latest ideas and processes that will help you achieve your environmental objectives.

Comprehensive management information

When you work with Sharp you’ll be entering in to a partnership governed by strict service level agreements and agreed key performance indicators. Plus, everything will be covered by a single national agreement and managed by a single point of responsibility.

Savings, efficiency improvements, costs – everything will be measured, documented, analysed and reported to you at agreed intervals so you can see exactly what difference we’re making.

You’ll see what we’ve achieved together, what the next objectives should be, and how we’ll work together to achieve them.

Efficiency and mobility

As an international manufacturer and services provider, we’re in an excellent position to improve the mobility and efficiency of your workforce.

Our experts will work with you wherever your offices are, provide the processes, support and technology you need, where they’re needed, supported by a familiar look and feel that will benefit your mobile employees while reducing demands on your support infrastructure.


Meet the Leadership Team

The Corporate Division encompasses a number of functions; sales, marketing, service, billing, account management, software support, project management, print auditing, production printing, and visual solutions among other core services required to fully support our corporate clients.

We believe that each of our clients should have designated people to speak to, not call centres, so a Sharp account management team will always be on hand to assist in delivering an industry leading service.

A named contract manager is assigned to lead our client interactions and co-ordinate Sharp resources to ensure that quality of service, accountability and continuous improvement remain the corner stones of what we deliver and how we do it.