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PC as a Service

Affordable PC as a Service business laptops

Businesses need to focus their time and resources where they add the most value – to both the business and its customers. Outdated and inefficiently managed technology can be a real distraction and significantly impede productivity and profitability.

Sharp PC as a Service (PCaaS) provides businesses with secure managed laptop leasing services – an affordable way to finance computer systems. It takes away the hassle and many of the overheads associated with buying PCs and managing them in-house. So you can enjoy 24/7 peace of mind, manageable laptop financing and regular technology refresh. And your staff are free to focus on driving the business forward.

Putting you in control of your computers and costs

Get the technology you need today – and in the future – and manage your cash flow more effectively with Sharp PCaaS business laptop finance. You can enjoy low monthly payments that are both predictable and tailored to your budget. As well as reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), computer financing helps you conserve cash to support your wider business requirements.

Our PCaaS Managed Critical Security also provides non-stop protection against cyberattacks, malicious malware, viruses and other threats. It takes care of vitally important security patching and includes industry leading, next generation antivirus software.

And our proactive performance monitoring ensures that every laptop is working at its best, so that you can work efficiently and look after your clients better. Our systems constantly check to identify any problems that may need attention before they impact your business or result in costly downtime.

High-performance technology you can trust

dynabook business laptops are the culmination of 30+ years of innovation and dedication to designing, engineering and developing high quality mobile computers for professionals. As well as supporting a wide range of applications they provide optimal:

  • Security – dynabook is the only manufacturer that creates its own BIOS (Built In Operating System) in-house, so you can maintain ultra-secure access and control. Our laptops all offer secure multi-point login, using passwords, fingerprint and smartcard options.
  • Reliability – dynabook business laptops are lightweight, slim and stylish, but also durable. The smart design of premium dynabook laptops means they also have fewer internal parts, which boosts their dependability.
  • Manageability – the common software, power accessory and docking design of dynabook laptops offers real efficiency advantages. Seamless connectivity, collaboration and control across your business helps to maximise productivity.