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Optimised IT Services at Compassionate Care Ltd

UK, 02-11-2019
Success and rapid growth bring IT challenges that can be difficult to resolve on your own. As the founders of Compassionate Care Ltd can tell you, outsourcing IT support can make a big difference.

Launched in 2010, Compassionate Care provides domiciliary and support living care and companionship to adults of all ages throughout Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire. In less than seven years the company grew from one employee – founder Amanda Stoneham – to a team of circa 70 staff providing a personalised care service to more than 100 clients, all from word-of-mouth recommendations.

To run its business, Compassionate Care relies on 15 laptops, 10 desktops, a server that provides broadband from a satellite feed, a Sharp multifunctional colour printer and a Sharp BIG PAD large format interactive display, which it uses for planning, meetings and staff training. The company’s fleet of computers, and the maintenance they require, is growing all the time.

Although company director Graham Stoneham has the skills and experience to troubleshoot most problems, every hour that he spends solving computer problems is an hour lost to the company that he is leading.

“Things were OK when we were small,” he said. “But as the company grew we were getting an increasing number of IT issues. It got to the stage where I was personally spending up to 10 hours a month fixing problems. If you add up the salaries and the loss of productivity for everyone involved that’s very expensive. I knew that something had to change.”

Getting fit for the future

Stoneham was looking for a solution. Impressed by the quality and reliability of Sharp’s technology, he decided to try Sharp’s Optimised IT Services, which includes Helpdesk and Remote Monitoring and Management.

Helpdesk provides expert technical support up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to organisations that need maximum uptime and fast fault resolution. Monitoring and Management provides continuous remote monitoring of the network with pre-emptive corrective action if anything seems to be going wrong.

Starting with a health check

The first thing that Sharp’s engineers did was visit the site to make sure that everything was working to specification. They removed any software that wasn’t needed and updated the anti-virus software on all laptops and desktops so that every device was running the same version.

“The laptop that we use with our BIG PAD gave them a spot of trouble but they fixed it, and then – and this shows how good they are – they gave us an ad hoc training session on how to get the best out of the BIG PAD. You can’t fault the service that Sharp gives. Their attention to detail is phenomenal.”

Sharp’s Helpdesk and Remote Monitoring and Management services saves Compassionate Care about 40 hours of IT support per month. When lost productivity and salaries are factored in, it’s easy to see that the services pay for themselves. Graham Stoneham is delighted.

“IT support is no longer a part of my life,” he said.” “The cost is competitive and the standard of service is excellent. This was a good decision.”

Planning for the future

Always planning ahead and preparing, as far as possible, for any contingency, Stoneham has since signed up for another of Sharp’s Optimised IT services: Data Protection. This is a comprehensive data restoration and disaster recovery service, enabled through the cloud.

Even in the event of a fire, theft or some other disaster, Sharp can restore Compassionate Care’s data within hours, allowing the company to continue to give the best care of its kind in the region.

That continuity is important. The company’s clients rely on the company’s staff for care and companionship. Anything which has the potential to disrupt that is taken very seriously indeed and Stoneham is convinced that the company’s commitment to providing the highest possible standards of care is the key to its success.

“There is no sign of our growth slowing down. If anything, it’s actually accelerating,” he said. “If we are to continue to offer the high standards of care that we have a reputation for, it is clear that we need to give our staff the best tools. And we need those tools to be available to 24/7. In short, we need Sharp.”

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