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Optimise how you create, manage and share information with Sharp MX Printer range

Sharp’s latest A3 colour MFP range offers quick setup, future-proof features and great economies of scale.

The 4th generation of Sharp multi-function devices bolsters Sharp’s commitment to ‘transform the way organisations engage with information through connected technologies’, as detailed by Alexander Hermann, Vice President, Sharp Information Systems Europe, at Inspire Expo 2015.

Sharp is set to release 13 new colour A3 MFPs this year, comprising two different product lines, with the ‘Advanced’ devices offering value-added features and solutions for larger organisations, while the ‘Essential’ range meets all standard printing and scanning needs.

The ‘Advanced’ MX-3070N (30ppm), MX-3570N (35ppm), and MX-4070N (40ppm) are available now. The other 10 will be high-speed (50ppm and 60ppm) devices that will be both ‘Advanced’ and ‘Essential’ and join the family throughout 2016.

“We’re giving business owners and IT managers a full and flexible range when it comes to equipping their work environments, while also making the devices simple and intuitive for the users,” Rachel Dean, Product Business Manager for Sharp Europe told Insights.

Easier to support

Sharp has designed longer-life parts for reduced installation time and reduced maintenance visits. Plus, the parts are the same across the range, so there’s no waiting for orders of unique components.

“There’s commonality across all the products. For instance, each machine has the same UI, so no matter which device you’re standing in front of there’s no steep learning curve,” says Rachel.

Save More Time

Sharp’s own Cloud Portal Solution is the ideal platform for storing and sharing information. The new devices also offer the flexibility of single sign-on, enabling the end-user to quickly access and print from or scan to third-party public cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

For smaller offices, or the mobile office user, connecting to the new A3 MFP devices via Wi-Fi* from laptops, tablets, or smartphones is available as standard.

For increased productivity, OCR creates searchable PDFs or Microsoft Office documents that save many hours when it comes to digitising and searching for specific content.

Have Greater Control

Sharp’s Remote Device Management (SRDM) allows admin to monitor all networked devices at a glance to see toner levels, paper jams, and any other error on the network so they can deploy a fix.

The new A3 MFPs include a ’Print Release’ feature that provides an entry-level pull-printing solution as standard without the need for a print server. Users can send and store their print jobs to a main MFP then authenticate and release the job at the most convenient connected device.

There is also the ability for toner to be locked in; replaceable only when the toner is truly empty, reducing waste and increasing profitability of service contracts.

“Security is a key requirement for all companies, and the new A3 MFPs are loaded with security enhancements that keep your information safe,” says Rachel. “Scanned documents can be encrypted and password protected, data on the HDD can be automatically deleted, and S/MIME secures any documents you send via email directly from the MFP.”

Be More Efficient

The ‘Easy Mode’ UI, plus a simplified print driver makes these A3 MFPs simple to navigate and incredibly easy to use.

The new UI enables simple drag and drop customisation. Any authenticated user can access a customised home screen for optimised efficiency. Scan more than print? Move that icon to the front, for example.

For enhanced productivity, a built-in Motion Sensor detects an approaching user and instantly wakes the MFP from sleep mode – from up to two metres.

Rachel concludes: “For the user, it’s all about offering flexible workflows that suit the way they create, manage and share information. Our new MX colour series provides smarter ways of working plus enhanced user experience through simple and intuitive operation”.

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Model dependant


European PR Manager