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Keep Control Of Information With Sharp Customised Document Solutions

Sharp has helped Coface Hungary improve control over its document management procedures and reduce its operational costs.

Coface is a world recognised insurance company with a presence in 99 countries and the ability to deliver services for its clients in over 200 countries.

It invested in Sharp’s print management system to manage the workflow of sensitive documents in its Hungarian office, where it has 60 employees and delivers services to hundreds of clients. With thousands of documents processed monthly, document security is critically important at every stage of the document lifecycle.

“We were looking for a cost-effective print management solution that would enable us to safely handle sensitive documents for our customers. Sharp’s solution has certainly achieved that.” Szilárd Pozsgai, Head of IT, Coface Hungary

Sharp has helped Coface Hungary to improve control over its document management procedures and reduce its operational costs. Sharp’s print management solution improved both document security and internal print processes while reducing the office’s operational costs.

The Challenge

As part of the insurance industry, Coface started to look actively for a solution that would enable it to safely handle sensitive documents on behalf of its clients.

The ideal solution would provide its IT team total control of the print environment by showing who used which multifunctional printer and when. The reports would keep track of the costs and help to deploy the right MFP in selected areas.

Coface required that anyone would be able to log onto the MFP, but it would only print the requested job if the employee had the appropriate authorisation and sufficient credit.

The company also wanted to restrict access to certain functions of the MFP, such as colour copying and limit how many pages each user can output. They also required MFPs with software that could be expanded depending on future requirements.

The Solution

Sharp based its solution on functions including authentication with an ID card, secure print and pull printing. By managing print jobs using a secured network server, users can process their documents from any Sharp MFP at a time and place convenient to them, making document management safer, more efficient and user-friendly.

The highest possible colour accuracy along with high quality grayscale reproduction greatly mattered to Coface as the company uses both its colour and its grayscale logo. On top of improving print productivity and increasing safety and effectiveness, the solution was affordable and cost-saving through reduced waste and misuse.

The Benefits

There are a number of benefits from choosing a Sharp solution, in this instance, Coface found:

Enhanced security

A secure print environment ensures sensitive document handling. With different levels of authorisation, Sharp’s print management solution protects against unauthorised scanning, printing and copying.

For Coface every print job contains confidential sensitive data about its customers so intentional or unintentional viewing might have been harmful. The ID-card authentication module ensures secure print and pull printing capabilities, so print jobs no longer wait on trays for the owner to retrieve them.

Pull printing

The pull printing function eliminated the problem of forgotten or misprinted documents as it requires the user to authenticate when releasing their print job. According to Coface Head of IT, Szilárd Pozsgai, the employees feel encouraged to make responsible print choices.

What’s more, Sharp’s accounting system helped to reduce printing costs thanks to its simple cost saving rules. Cost accounting enabled Coface to have a comprehensive overview of its print environment. The company can analyse costs and understand their employees’ printing habits and how each multifunctional device is being used.

Return on investment

Reducing unnecessary and expensive printing by enabling users to feel responsible for what they print was one of the key factors of success. Due to users being able to share print devices securely, Coface downsized its printer fleet, making significant savings and enhancing the security of its document workflow.

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