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How SMBs Can Make Their Workplace More Secure

Security expert Dr Karen Renaud shares her advice on security and technology in the workplace, while we suggest solutions to consider if you think your IT security policy needs an overhaul.

People are not taking data security seriously, according to a survey we carried out with 6,000 office workers in nine different countries across Europe. This puts businesses at risk of avoidable security breaches, which could result in penalties, loss of intellectual property and employee distress.

We found that 1 in 12 people (7.7%) who took part in a survey said they have had access to confidential information that they should not have had.

Not following company policy was common, with one quarter of those surveyed (26%), admitting to storing work information in the public cloud even though they are not permitted to.

21% of those asked said they used public file sharing sites without business approval and a third of respondents (29%) admitted to ignoring office protocol and taking work home to complete.

We asked Security and privacy expert Dr Karen Renaud about the results, who revealed she wasn’t surprised, as it follows the findings of similar research. She informed us. “Many small businesses approach security by simply getting employees to sign a security policy. They are being unrealistic thinking that it’s sufficient to just give people a list of instructions.”

Her advice on how to address security in the workplace forms the cornerstone of our free to download whitepaper, ‘Why you need a ‘human-centred’ approach to security’, which looks at the causes of security failures within small businesses, as well as looking at positive solutions.

Download our free security whitepaper and discover ways to make your pace of work safer for staff and information alike.

DOWNLOAD: ‘Why you need a ‘human-centred’ approach to security

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