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How Skywell Helps in the Fight Against Single Use Plastics

As Single Use plastic is given ‘word of the year’ status in the UK, we ask: ‘what is your business doing to increase its environmental awareness?’ Find out how Skywell Air Water can help in the fight against plastic pollution.

When setting up an office or workspace, fresh drinking water for employees rarely makes it onto the list of high priorities. After all, there are more pressing needs, such as IT and security requirements.

However, it has been estimated that the average office employee requires up to 45 litres of water per person, per month (Institute of Plumbing). Until recently, the environmental cost of supplying this drinking water – especially if it is via single use plastic bottles – was often under-appreciated.

Effective awareness-raising campaigns about plastic in 2018, and the global success of David Attenborough’s BBC Blue Planet II series looking at the health of our oceans,  has brought this cost to everyone’s attention.

Globally, it has been reported that one million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute. Plastic bottles are commonly made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which take 400 years to naturally decompose.

More than 480bn plastic drinking bottles were sold in 2016 across the world, up from about 300bn a decade ago. It is expected that this number will rise another 20 per cent by 2021.

Of the approximately 30 billion plastic water bottles sold annually in the United States, less than 20 per cent are recycled. Europeans generate 25 million tonnes of plastic waste, but less than 30 per cent of which is collected for recycling.

This leaves billions of plastic bottles in our landfills, beaches, waterways, and ultimately, oceans, where it is consumed by sea life with fatal consequences.

If an office supplies a traditional bottle-fed water cooler instead, there is still an environmental cost in transportation. Research has found that, a 100-person office using a traditional bottle-fed water cooler is likely to be responsible for the transport of at least 26 tonnes of water every year, significantly adding to their carbon footprint.

However, there are ways businesses and organisations can help create a more environmentally friendly workplace and still deliver fresh and pure drinking water to its employers.

Skywell Air Water is an environmentally friendly alternative to bottle-fed dispensers or plastic bottles, removing the need for water deliveries or single-use bottles. It generates water by condensing and then filtering the surrounding air – turning the air into water.

Perfect for offices, the Skywell atmospheric water generator generates up to 18 litres of clean drinking water per day. It means that you can add new water stations within your office without needing any plumbing and provide an alternative to single use plastic bottles or transported water in those parts of the office that are far from the kitchen or canteen.

Each Skywell unit maintains the purity of every drop of water produced using advanced monitoring technology in combination with six water filters, two ultraviolet lights and ozone treatment.

Additionally, the Skywell’s built-in monitoring system continuously monitors the water quality to ensure that the water produced is of thoroughly tested quality, clarity and flavour every time.

Skywell re-imagines the future of drinking water with a commitment to help reduce usage of plastic and its carbon footprint with no pumping, piping, shipping or delivery.

If you would like to know how you can help in the fight against single use plastics, while at the same time supply fresh and pure drinking water to your employees, then Get In Touch to arrange a demonstration.


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