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How Sharp Optimised Software Solutions Help HR Departments Evolve

Save time and reduce human error by digitising and automating many HR activities.

The HR department is responsible for a broad range of processes relating to the two most valuable assets of any organisation: people and data. These processes, from hiring and training to payroll and benefits involve a lot of important, but time-consuming, administration.

At Sharp, our Optimised Software Solutions include tools that can automate and digitise many of the tasks carried out by the HR department, helping to save time, reduce human errors and improve data security.

Converting paper to digital

The first step is to digitise any paper-based information via the scanner. Documents that you might typically scan include training, record keeping, retention policies, improvement plans, and more. These, along with digital documents, can then be securely stored in an employee’s digital file.

Having this information in a digital file means that documents can be found more easily when they are needed, especially when relevant metadata tags are added to files, giving extra ways to search. You can search for specific information by keyword, which is much faster than searching for paper documents in filing cabinets.

During scanning, key information from each document is automatically extracted by Optical Character Recognition (OCR). For example, employee name, job title/description, or policy name and number. This process reduces human error and is a great time saver, allowing your HR team to do other tasks.

Customise the tools to support the way you work

Depending on the software you choose, custom workflows can be designed to automate any HR process. In the case of setting up new starters at the company, for example, you can quickly compile and distribute standard documents, tracking progress and providing alerts to ensure processes are completed on time.

Once completed the documents can be distributed automatically for review then filed in the appropriate section of the electronic employee record.

Security and compliance benefits

Traditional approaches to storing and managing HR-related documentation can suffer from a lack of control and oversight. Sharp’s Optimised Workflow Software provides an audit trail – an owner can see when documents were amended and who amended them – which ensures regulatory compliance and full traceability. Legal retention periods can easily be catered for, with the system automatically saving documents in specific folders for set time periods.

Everything is securely backed up, which is not the case for paper-based systems. Document retrieval by couldn’t be easier, with the added bonus of multi-site file retrieval, users don’t need to be located in the HR department in order to access a particular document.

Access to this digital repository is controlled by allocating permissions to staff, with more control over access to information by granting permissions to nominated individuals, and enabling remote access where necessary.

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