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How Sharp EPoS Systems are Ringing the Changes for the Brewery Trade

With over 128 public houses dotted across the North West of England, Joseph Holt Brewery relies on Sharp's Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) systems to provide a fast and reliable service to millions of customers.

The pub trade has seen many changes over the years and faces the tough challenges of keeping up with changing consumer tastes, competition from both supermarkets and restaurants, and most recently changes to business rates. To stay profitable, many pubs have diversified both their drinks range and their menus adding a wide variety of meals, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks to their traditional beers and lagers.

Having a wider range of drinks and food on sale has meant an increased use of EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) devices that are flexible enough to easily add new menu items, track tabs and cope with payments quickly and simply. "Companies invest in a new EPoS system because they want extra reliability, speed, and functionality" said David Hooper, Director at KE Supplies, one of the main suppliers of EPoS touch screen tills and cash registers for pubs and clubs throughout the North of England.

One of KE Supplies customers, Joseph Holt Brewery, has recently upgraded the EPoS systems in its 120 pubs and chose the Sharp RZ-E701. We look at why this model is trusted by one of the UK’s largest and oldest breweries.

Sharp's EPoS Solution

KE Supplies has been the primary supplier and installer of all of Joseph Holts Brewery's 120 plus pubs with a business relationship that covers many years.

"All of Joseph Holt's pubs have got Sharp EPoS installed. They come to us looking for a PC-based solution to provide fast and reliable EPoS equipment. The model we're currently recommending and fitting is the Sharp RZ-E701," said David.

The Sharp RZ-E701 is the latest addition to the growing Sharp EPoS business. Based around a 15-inch touch panel using P-CAP technology, staff can quickly and smoothly input information into the system, while the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system and bespoke software handles all the transactions easily.

One of KE Supplies latest installations was at the Railway Buxton pub where eight terminals and 17 printers were needed throughout the public areas to meet the demand of customers. In total, it took a week to install and have the system up and fully running.

One of the key selling features of the Sharp RZ-E701 for staff is the unit’s fast processor, allowing them to input data and print customer’s bills easily, which in an environment such as a pub is a huge advantage."When you've got orders for drinks and food coming in, you need a system that is fast and provides food and table tracking.”

The RZ-E701 also has a 10.4-inch customer-facing LCD screen on the back. This is perfect for displaying adverts, promotions, upcoming events or products," explained David.

In an environment like a public house, where food and drink is always on the move across a busy bar, it's essential that the EPoS system is robust. The RZ-E701 is made from a robust and durable Aluminium die-cast body, while the front display offers IP65 dust/water protection, and the back cover is IP31 compliant.

"The touchscreen on the RZ-E701 guarantees 30 million hits. From a business perspective, that means we're not having to visit pubs every six, 12, or 18 months; it should last. That's good news for us, and for Joseph Holt pubs," explained David.

It’s a slim and attractive design, which also happens to be fanless, so can be placed on a bar top without it causing issues.

In terms of usage, the RZ-E701 is very simple for staff to use. "We find that the staff like the RZ-E701 due to the bigger and brighter screens over older models, while Sharp POS software is very responsive, visual and easy to use too," adds David.

For staff and publicans alike, Sharp EPoS units are making all the difference, helping them to keep customers served quickly, while keeping detailed track of sales and inventory – a key part of success for any business, regardless of size.

If you would like to know more about Sharp solutions and how we can help improve your business potential, please Get In Touch for a demonstration.


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