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How a Sharp Interactive Display can make you more productive

AV specialist, GPS Installations and Sharp have created a truly unique demonstration space in the North East of England. Discover how it is helping showcase BIG PAD innovations.

GPS Installations is an Audio Visual specialist based in Cramlington in the North East of England that has partnered with Sharp to offer both local and regional businesses cutting-edge Interactive Displays.

Interactive Displays are already seen as invaluable for a wide range of businesses across Britain. They have become a central hub for the meeting room or boardroom and allow businesses to share information more quickly, train staff and give better presentations.

Showing people how an interactive display could improve the way they work is always much better than telling and this is exactly what GPS are doing.

Gavin Parks, Director of GPS Installations said: “Our partnership with Sharp and the demonstration facility allows us to show businesses just how effective the equipment can be in people’s day to day operations. For example, SHARP Display connect allows all meeting attendees to connect to the BIG PAD using their own personal devices, make notes and contribute to the meeting or share their own content, allowing for fully streamlined paperless meetings.

“We demonstrate how we can use the display as a cost-effective video conferencing system to enable quick meetings between different offices, saving time and money and improving productivity for the business.

“We show the inking tools for highlighting documents, marking up drawings or simply making notes that can then be converted into regular text with the handwriting recognition tool and shared out directly from the screen in an easy to read format to multiple devices.

“We also show how the Windows 10 platform that so many of us are already using daily has inbuilt features that really come into their own when an Interactive Display is connected, including Windows Ink Workspace, Sticky Notes and Microsoft OneNote. Our expertise in this market and this type of technology will ensure our customers receive the best advice and a solution to fit the needs of their business.”

The demonstrations help users get to grips with the technology and clearly have an impact on users, giving them insight and greater knowledge on Sharp and the devices, as Gavin informed us: “new customers initially have limited knowledge on Interactive Displays and they are often unaware of the various features that can be included. It’s always pleasing to see following our demonstration that it becomes clear just how the latest technology will help improve their meetings in many ways.”

Benefits can be seen in other ways, “new users are surprised at how much more productive they become when using an Interactive Display.” Gavin said, “They like the ability to instantly view websites, watch videos, make notes over web pages and share out content to personal devices saves time and it makes the information sharing that we all do in business a completely effortless process.”

In a market increasingly seeing competition from lesser brands, Gavin believes that for business, performance and the cutting-edge technologies the Sharp BIG PAD offer are key differentiators: “Our customers purchasing decisions were becoming confusing, but they now feel reassured by the Sharp brand and the quality of equipment we can offer, including the after-sales care.”

Aside from promoting interactive usability, the benefits of a Sharp Interactive Display include the ability to host a paperless meeting by wirelessly linking laptops, smartphones and tablets, while presentation support tools allow for seamless Power Point presentations, including Sharp inking software with handwriting recognition. For those looking to carry our wider conference calls, the use of multiple webcam connection ports offer easy video communications without additional expense.

GPS Installations and Sharp are helping small to medium sized businesses navigate the emerging technology product and source the best Interactive Displays. Angela Townsend, Sales Manager for Sharp UK commented on the relationship, ‘’GPS Installations are well known in the Interactive Display market in the North East of England with a reputation for service and installation, we look forward to further developing our partnership for the benefit of our customers’’

AV resellers like GPS Installations are a vital part of the Sharp story, as they allow local customers to gain hands-on experience with Sharp products far more easily than would otherwise be possible. If your business or educational department is looking to invest in Interactive Displays and is looking for a local supplier, get in touch and we’ll connect you with your nearest vendor.


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