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Hands-on with Sharp Products at ISE 2017

Sharp’s stand at ISE 2017 was popular with journalists on the look-out for a great story, as these hands-on demonstration videos show.

We were proud to welcome, among other journalists from across Europe, Rave PublicationsInAVate and AVTV to our stand to talk about our new product launches.

We had lots to show them. Along with demonstrating a product line-up across six categories, from our first ‘huddle’ display for small meeting spaces, to the world’s first commercially available 70-inch video wall display, we were also showcasing a wide range of technologies, including the Sharp Open Architecture Platform along with an OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) format designed with Intel.

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) was also Sharp’s first major European exhibition since our alliance with Foxconn and was our most successful show to date. Here’s what we had to say.

Sharp PN-V701 70-inch Display

Sharp has always been incredibly proud of its video wall displays and ISE 2017 was no exception. The Sharp PN-V701 is currently the world’s largest commercially available video wall display and combines Sharp’s unique UV2A technology, Full-HD resolution and Advanced UCCT (Uniform Colour Calibration Technology) for the best image quality possible.

The Sharp PN-V701 video wall not only has the sharpest image possible, it also has an incredibly ultra slim but robust bezel to ensure a consistent, high quality image across the entire video wall.

Sharp PN-V701 70-inch Display by RavePubs

See the Sharp PN-V701 70-inch Display at InAVate
See the Sharp PN-V701 70-inch Display at AVTV

Sharp BIG PAD PN-40TC1

The Sharp BIG PAD PN-40TC1 is a completely new category for Sharp and many of our customers. It is our first 40-inch interactive display for small and informal meeting spaces, making it ideal for groups of two to six people to share ideas and work effectively together.

Using the Sharp PN-40TC1 feels natural as it offers many of the benefits of Sharp’s larger BIG PAD displays at a smaller size. Combined with Sharp’s Video Collaboration solution, the PN-40TC1 can be used to host an online collaborative meeting with whiteboard, video and voice, with participants able to share and annotate their interactive display session.

Sharp BIG PAD PN-40TC1 by RavePubs

See the Sharp BIG PAD PN-40TC1 at InAVate

Sharp BIG PAD PN-70SC5

For those requiring a larger Sharp BIG PAD interactive display, we introduced two new models at ISE 2017: The Sharp BIG PAD PN-70SC5 is a 70-inch model, while for larger settings we have the 80-inch Sharp BIG PAD PN-80SC5.

Both models use ‘direct optical bonding’ for a sharper viewing and crisper touch experience, while enhanced features give users greater control of their presentations and more options for interactivity and collaboration with others.

Sharp BIG PAD PN-70SC5 by RavePubs

Sharp Open Architecture Platform

The Sharp Open Architecture Platform for digital signage offers end users a remarkable choice in ways to download, store and play content directly from a Sharp display. It works by combining Sharp’s high quality hardware, a System on Chip (SoC) environment for Android™ or Mini OPS, and a choice of proprietary or third-party software designed for retail or corporate signage. It’s an exciting new area for Sharp and one we know will grow over time.

Sharp Open Architecture Platform by RavePubs

Read our Press Release for more information on the range of Sharp devices and technologies announced at ISE 2017.


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