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Hands-on With Sharp 4K BIG PAD and Digital Signage at ISE 2018

At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018, we created several zones on our stand to demonstrate our smart digital signage displays and interactive displays in real life settings. Here we take a look at these meeting room, retail and commercial solutions, plus our unique 8K ecosystem preview.

ISE is always an important event for us because we get to meet end users as well as our partners. It’s also the time when we show the new products and innovations for the year ahead and show how Sharp is evolving as a mainstream AV brand. We now have display solutions for every type of meeting and signage solutions for every type of business.

This year, half of our stand is devoted to our broad range of interactive and non-interactive displays for meetings, and half is dedicated to large format displays for retail and commercial signage, including a Sharp shop front.

Sharp BIG PAD Interactive Displays at ISE 2018

Sharp has long been a pioneer of interactive whiteboard technologies and this year we are launching the BIG PAD PN-70TH5, our first ever interactive display with a 4K LCD touch panel. This is part of a fifth generation of BIG PAD displays.

It has been designed to make the most of our award winning technologies, and make it easy to view large amounts of detailed information, such as technical drawings, maps or spreadsheets. This is made possible by the 4K Ultra-HD resolution of the display.

4K reading is supported by Sharp’s unique UV2A screen technology for high contrast and image clarity, while 4K writing is supported by a range of features, such as a modified pen with a 2mm tip for precision work, and our new palm rejection feature, designed so your palm doesn’t make marks on the screen as you write.

The Sharp BIG PAD PN-70TH5 is already in production and will be available to buy from the end of February 2018.

In total, eight different interactive displays were shown on our stand, including the 40-inch BIG PAD PN-40TC1 and new 50-inch BIG PAD PN50TC1 with Mini OPS PC for huddle spaces, along with the 70-inch BIG PAD PN-70TW3 with wireless sharing.

All Sharp BIG PAD displays offer a Pen-on-Paper experience, an instant and accurate writing feel close to using a real pen on writing paper.

Sharp Smart Digital Signage at ISE 2018

At ISE 2018 we are showing our largest ever range of flexible smart signage solutions, with new hardware and software solutions, along with the newly extended Sharp Open Architecture Platform, our partnerships with independent signage software providers.

New at ISE 2018 were the Sharp PN-M and Sharp PN-B large format displays. Both models come in 40-inch and 50-inch panel sizes. The Sharp PN-M is designed to meet the needs of mainstream 24/7 applications, such as 24-hour stores or control rooms, while the and Sharp PN-B offers 16/7 operation. They are being demonstrated in the Sharp Shop at ISE, a store front we created to show the solution in  retail setting.

The new displays come with a range of smart digital signage solutions and embedded intelligence, offering multiple ways of handling content. For simple installations, at ISE, we are launching our free signage software, e-Signage, with a variety of versions to suit a range of application needs.

For more complex installations, Sharp’s SoC platform for Android™ has been opened to major signage software players through our partner program - Sharp Open Architecture Platform. We now have seven software partners offering our customers specialised applications to meet their needs.


These new models offer very flexible installation, including a ceiling or floor configuration, or can be titled forward or backward by up to a 90 angle. They can also be suspended from the four corners of the rear housing for a hanging installation. To demonstrate how truly flexible the installation of these new models can be, we’re showing five displays in a curve.

Sharp Future Technologies at ISE 2018

Finally, not a launch at ISE, but something that people are really excited to see – we have a demonstration of Sharp’s new 8K professional camcorder (8C-B60A) and 8K display on our stand. We’re filming flowers being arranged to show off the colours and natural depth of the display – it’s the world’s first floristry demonstration in 8K (we think!).

The 8C-B60A’s image pickup device is a large, Super 35-mm-equivalent CMOS image sensor with 33 million pixels, to capture stunning detail and pinpoint colour calibration.

It is an example of the work that Sharp Japan is doing in building an 8K ecosystem, which will have applications in AV. 8K isn’t just another higher resolution TV - it’s a game changer for signage, for surveillance, for remote medicine. We’ll be welcoming feedback from our partners at ISE on how this could be realised in the future.

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