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Four Advantages of Digital Signage Over Traditional Signage

We take a look at the top reasons why you should consider switching to digital signage

Whether it is on the high-street or in the office, digital signage is increasingly replacing traditional print signage. Chris Parker, Senior Product Manager for Sharp Visual Solutions looks at four reasons why digital signage can be better for your business.


Digital Signage is Easier to Use

To produce effective print signage, you usually need a graphic designer and a long lead time. However, when it comes to creating content for digital signage, there are many easy software tools that come with templates, making designing quick and easy. Once you have created your content, you can easily edit and update it too. 


Digital Signage is Easier to Update  

By choosing a digital display over traditional signage, your business is better able to respond quickly to feedback and requests. Shops, hotels and restaurants can change their offers, deals and prices as often as they like, while offices can keep their receptions up to date with events happening that day. These updates can be made using a laptop, tablet or even smartphone.


Digital Signage is More Engaging

Perhaps the biggest failing of traditional signage is that it is static, it only shows one thing, so it quickly loses its impact. This isn’t the case with digital signage, which can show video and rolling social media updates, and can even be interactive if you opt for a touchscreen display.


Reinforcing Brand Recognition

By offering increased interactivity with customers in a retail setting, a digital display both increases customer engagement, and reinforces brand recognition. In a corporate environment the display can be used to help meet internal communications objectives, keeping everyone up to date with news and employee benefits.

For more information, visit Sharp’s range of Professional Displays for Digital Signage or contact us for a demonstration.  


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