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Sharp’s 4K Technology with Extended Colour Range

Performance, Precision and Passion

The latest display technologies are moving beyond merely more pixels with the impressive 4K UHD resolutions, and now looking at significant improvements in colour rendition. An improved colour space performance offers the promise of more life-like and reliable imaging across a broad portfolio of professional display applications.

As an example of where the industry is today, the sRGB colour range allows the display of up to about 36 per cent of the human visual spectrum. The implication is that over 60% of the colours that you see every day in the world around you are simply not reproducible on a standard display. Some advanced professional desktop displays can achieve a larger colour space called AdobeRGB, which reproduces around 54 per cent of the human eye. But these displays are limited to small form factors and are not suitable for large format installations. There is a technology roadmap to allow even more colour performance, which is centered on the REC2020 standard (set by the International Telecommunication Union) and promises to deliver technology allowing the display of up to 76 per cent of the human eye capability.

A larger colour range is an exciting prospect and has become attainable. When combined with good image processing and colour calibration capability, the promise of dependable, stable and realistic imaging is fulfilled.

For large format displays there are several applications which value imagery or moving videos as the creative artist or director intended. The chief application example is high-end, luxury retail signage.

In this particular segment the colour, detail and overall design of a product, piece of jewellery, textile item, a car or just simply a brand logo are all meticulously pieced together by the creative designer to elicit a specific emotional response. Any deviation in colour or presentational accuracy has the potential to weaken the visual impact or generate an undesirable or inadequate emotional response. The chance to improve colour rendition gives the control back to the creative designer to ensure the display is achieving the intended impact and response.

Another good example of a vertical application which benefits from the richness of enhanced colour performance is the Design and Simulation sector. A large format display is the ideal platform for presenting and inspecting virtual 3D model designs or idea proposals. Hand-made clay or wooden prototypes or even using the latest 3D printers are expensive and time-consuming to make. But a large format display, with extended colour space and being driven by the latest 3D virtualization software is the perfect platform to accurately view a product, proposal from any angle and perspective, and with the bonus of allowing visibility of design, colour or texure modifications effectively in real-time.

Sharp has been wowing the market already with 4K UHD offerings, particularly in their PN-H range of large format displays. Being one of the market leaders in LCD panel technology, the 4K displays make full use of the UV2A LCD technology for sharpness, image clarity and high contrast. Combining Sharp’s new enhanced colour range capability with their 4K UHD displays makes true the claim of not just more but better pixels. In particular the recently launched PN-H801 is an industry benchmark product that offers 4K UHD pixels, the new wider colour range and at the same time promises superb 24/7 build quality and amazing UV2A LCD image impact. The PN-H801 is well suited for high-end luxury digital signage or mission-critical control rooms where failure is not an option.



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