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Digital Signage and Interactive Display Trends 2020: Future Workspace

Birgit Jackson, Commercial Director at Sharp Visual Solutions Europe, outlines her predictions for the future of digital signage, interactive displays, and a smarter workplace.

Visual solutions are no longer limited to the reception, meeting room or boardroom of your business. They are increasingly becoming an integral part of the everyday fabric of the office. These ‘Future Workspaces’ form one trend we will see develop over the next 12 months, but they are not alone, as security and environmental awareness are also high on the agenda.

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Discover the trends that are forming the design choices of the next generation of Sharp visual solutions:

Sharp and the Future Workspace

One of the big trends we are seeing develop is around wellbeing and the Future Workspace. This is a trend we will definitely start to see more products around in 2020.

The priority with the future workspace is in making sure that people are the focus; that the workplace helps them be productive, while at the same time inspiring them to have that work/life balance.

Windows collaboration display from Sharp is a great example of this trend. It measures the conditions of the workspace, whether that is the ambient temperature or lighting conditions, to create a work space where people feel they can contribute and collaborate more effectively.

We have found that the Future Workspace is not only about personal wellbeing but also about the physical place where people work. There needs to be a variety of different work spaces, not just desks and meeting rooms, but breakout rooms and smaller huddle spaces, which allow people to work in the way they wish to.

All of this needs to have technology under-pinning it to help people work smarter and increasingly more flexibly. For example, if you have given a presentation and you want to share it with those who attended, using your phone you can readily distribute the presentation via the cloud. It’s the ability to share content with screens without being in the room and without needing access to a computer where the benefits lie.


Visual Displays and Cybersecurity

One of the big themes for 2020, particularly for Sharp, will be around security. Having your computer connected to your display via the cloud, and then also to the network, presents incredible opportunities for those who would look to exploit any potential vulnerabilities.

There is an argument that says we should have taken security seriously a lot sooner. However, only now that displays are becoming more intelligent are we seeing potential risks. Large format displays, whether in meeting rooms or as digital signage, have some form of intelligent chipset and software inside them and increasingly are connected to the cloud and cloud services. This connection has to be protected, so that data cannot be accessed or stolen. Sharp is increasingly putting a strong focus on display protection.


Digital Displays and the Environment

The rise of the Climate Crisis and pressure groups, such as Extinction Rebellion, has been impossible to miss in 2019. This has placed environmental concerns within the AV marketplace high up the corporate agenda.

As one of the principal brands in the industry, we should take the lead when it comes to recycling and environmental responsibility.

New regulations, largely around managing power consumption, will become European law by the beginning of 2021. The intention of the EU is for manufacturers to find ways to lengthen the overall lifespan of displays. This will be achieved through the use of repairs and spare parts.

The visual display industry typically creates products with a lifespan of three to five years. However, the regulations force manufacturers to store and maintain spare parts for longer – the aim being to extend the lifespan of products, so cutting down on waste.

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