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Digital Mailrooms Are Not Just For Big Businesses

Mail processing can be time-consuming, whatever the size of your business, so we have added a Digital Mailroom Solution for everyone.

All businesses generate a lot of correspondence, letters that need to reach the right person, be opened, and then actioned. If you don’t have a mail handling system in place then mail can sit unopened or go missing, causing delays or creating problems.

A digital mailroom solution captures all of the information from your mail automatically and distributes it to the right people. And Sharp’s solution can also export mail to the application that will be used to process the mail, for example, your accounting system if the mail item is an invoice. A member of the team scans the letters and the intelligent software does the rest.

Sharp's Digital Mailroom Solution is part of Sharp’s portfolio of Optimised Workflow Solutions, which includes options for every business size and type.

How it works

When mail arrives, it is opened and scanned. Important information is automatically extracted, such as the name of the addressee and the date, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The system sends an email to the addressee to inform them that they have received new mail.

This email contains a hyperlink to a digital version of the mail which is now stored securely and indexed in the Digital Mailroom's Document Management System.

For mail arriving digitally, e-mail ‘boxes’ (for example invoices@companyname) can be ‘watched’ too and the contents can be processed and delivered using the same workflow as scanned physical mail.

Benefits, security, and efficiency

One of the key benefits of Sharp's Digital Mailroom Solution is that it creates a full audit trail showing when mail was received, who the recipient was, and when they were notified; something that is not possible in a traditional paper-based office. In addition, the system can be set up to send automatic reminders and notifications if a mail is not acted upon within a certain time.

Having all mail stored in a secure, auditable digital data repository is a better way to handle confidential information, and improve document security overall, because it removes human error and the chance that mail is delivered to the wrong person.

It also means that mail is quick and easy to find. Once securely stored in one central place, your mail items can be found, retrieved, and circulated whenever needed. If a colleague leaves the business, their mail can still be accessed by anyone who needs to, provided they have been granted user permission by the system admin.

People can receive mail when they aren’t in the office. Everyone can search and view their mail on any connected device, including smartphones and tablets, so people who work from home or travel frequently don’t have a delay in receiving their post.

After mail is processed there is no need for costly manual archiving or off-site storage and the system ensures documents are retained for their defined statutory period.

And, perhaps the most obvious benefit, a digital mailroom saves time. Especially for those companies dealing with high volumes of post, it can be rapidly sorted and distributed, increasing business agility.

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