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Designing the Sharp MX-M905 Production Printer for Your Office

The Sharp MX-M905 is a high-capacity production printer for high-volume printing. But we have designed it so you don’t need a dedicated print room – find out how…

For businesses who regularly need high quality printed materials – manuals, mail shots, instruction sheets for example – there are traditionally two options: invest in a print department, or outsource your print jobs to a professional printer. However, with the Sharp MX-M905 you can achieve the same results in the office, on a printer that’s simple enough to use for everyday printing too.

Small to medium sized businesses cannot usually afford to set up a dedicated print room with its own production printer and trained staff. Outsourcing this work to a professional printer is a good option but it can involve long lead times, and lack the versatility of having your own dedicated production printer, such as printing a few extra copies you hadn’t known you would need. 

There is another way. To get the full benefit of print room technology without any of the drawbacks, you need something different. Which is why the Sharp MX-M905 has been designed not only for the production room but can also be used by the whole office. It is capable of printing 90 pages per minute, as well as producing crisp and consistent 1200 x 1200 dpi print quality all day, every day.

Production printers tend to need specialist staff and training for those who need to use it. However, everything with the Sharp MX-M905 has been designed with ease-of-use in mind. The large 10.1-inch control panel has a new intuitive layout design, while a range of advanced settings bring simplicity to the most complex operations, even on special media.

The user interface can be customised, so users can create their own homescreens featuring their most commonly used tasks, making controlling the MX-M905 easier than ever.

Along with an intuitive interface, the secret to releasing the production printer from the print room is by creating a base unit that fulfils all your needs but is flexible enough to grow over to time.

For example, the base unit of the Sharp MX-M905 is compact enough for use in departmental offices, such as healthcare, schools and colleges, and is capable of handling A4, A3 and SRA3 paper sizes with a 3,100-sheet paper capacity. For greater versatility, 50-sheet stapling is also an option.

By untethering the Sharp MX-M905 from the dedicated print room, you’ll find the flexible design works to enhance your business. What’s more, as your business needs grow you can add to this base unit with additional features, whether that be larger capacity paper trays, various folding and inserter options, or a larger 100-sheet stapler, the options to grow and improve your output is potentially limitless.

Busy offices will also like little attentions to detail, such as the optional status lamp. Mounted on a mast, the status lamp can be seen from all points around the office, showing green when it is operational, red when there is an issue. It’s a simple concept but evidence of design values that make a real difference to office productivity.

By being able to control the quality, the output and the cost of your printing, to a deadline that suits your needs, your business will find that the Sharp MX-M905 is the perfect solution not only for the print room but also the office.

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