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Sales partners for Sharp solar modules in the MEA region (Middle East / Africa):


Noursun Energy Aria Co.
Iran, Science and Technology Park
University of Tehran, No 17, Shahed St. Vesal Av., Teheran, Iran
T: +98 21 88 391 643 / +98 21 88 391 497

Company profile

Who we are?

Noursun Energy Aria Co. was established as a knowledge-based company in 2011. Noursun's founders (key persons) are a team of business experts and talented engineers with a remarkable background in the fields of green Energy Management and Renewable Energies.

In recent years Noursun has successfully implemented and executed several projects in solar energy market of Iran and has provided a vast range of different services in MW scale PV power plant constructions. Customers are satisfied by Noursun's performed services and they enjoy Noursun's updated scientific and engineering knowledge, high experience and expertise. As a result Noursun currently is recognized as one of the pioneer and leading companies in business of  the green Energy Management and Renewable Energies in Iran.

What we do?

Sharp's exclusive partner on solar panel distribution in Iran: Noursun as the leading company in the field of renewable energy in Iran, always looks for superior brands with the best quality among solar components. Accordingly with excellent achievement and performance, Noursun has achieved to be the exclusive business partner for Sharp solar modules in Iran.

Solar Project Development: Based on Noursun's engineering expertise and holistic approach, Noursun will consider all regulatory, technical and economic factors when developing solar PV projects.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction: Noursun is specialized in comprehensive EPC solutions for both residential, commercial and power plant application. Noursun's expertise is focused on maximizing energy yields through superior design and high quality component selection and best EPC cost. Noursun as the first Iranian EPC contractor for MW scale PV power plants and trusty partner for Iranian investors, has exceptional PV power plants under construction.