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Last week, Sharp exhibited at CEATEC 2018, Japan's largest and most exciting CPS*/IoT exhibition show. We showed the products and services we are designing to change the world with 8K and AIoT.

*CPS: Cyber-Physical System

CEATEC is visited annually by trend hunters from across the world looking for the latest technologies from Japan and Asia. This year’s theme was Society 5.0: the ultra-smart society.

Visitors to the Sharp Corporation stand, titled ‘Changing the world with 8K and AIoT’, were able to experience our vision brought to life, with eight solution areas that best exemplified Sharp innovation in 8K and AIoT.

Sharp’s AIoT is an exciting concept, which looks at the application of a fusion of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) to a range of electronic products.

8K Image Distribution Solutions

At the heart of the stand was 8K World, designed to demonstrate the powerful Sharp 8K product line-up, and show how compatible our devices are with the new 4K/8K satellite broadcast services, scheduled to begin airing in Japan by the end of 2018.

Sharp demonstrated a system, comprising an 8K video camera and editing system, that showed how easy shooting and editing of 8K content is. We also demonstrated how 8K video transmission technology using 5G (the next generation of mobile communications) and the cloud can be used to share and display images on a 70-inch 8K monitor.

8K Medical Solutions

It is believed that 8K will have a staggering impact on medicine in the coming years, allowing specialists to see minute detail with ease. On the stand, we highlighted how 8K images can be utilised in the field of medicine to improve patient care.

8K and AIoT Solutions for Education and Research

Another key driver for 8K is bringing lessons to life and in the Interactive 8K Museum we showed how an ultra-high-definition 8K monitor can give students and museum patrons a richer learning environment.

The booth also featured an English learning program for children using the RoBoHoN robotic mobile phone, including browser-type programming tools for learning how to program.

AIoT Retail Solutions

Sharp used the show to introduce new solutions for restaurants using AI, including a self-ordering system for customers using an alert bell, as well as a sales information analysis system that combined an image sensor and POS data to define customer gender.

We also showed dialogue signage that automatically responded to questions in Japanese, English, or Chinese, depending on the language that they were asked in.

AIoT Platform Solutions

Visitors were shown Sharp’s AIoT platform, which includes IoT-compatible products, AIoT modules capable of speech recognition, and a hardware Application Programming Interface (API) that links with other companies’ cloud services.

AIoT Smart Home Solutions

The AIoT Smart Home area offered visitors insights into how AI makes a smart home possible by linking various Sharp AIoT products and services together across a wide range of devices, including TVs, home appliances, and smartphones. This is achieved by using AI to analyse data from AIoT devices and learning the living patterns and preferences of the home’s occupants.

AIoT Home Energy Solutions

We showed our expertise in renewable energy with a cloud-based energy controller linking to a solar storage battery for smart home energy management.

The smart home linked the energy controller to products, such as automatic shutters and air conditioners for comfortable, environmentally friendly living, while a solar charging stand was used to charge smartphones using the power from Sharp PV solar panels.

AIoT Pet Solutions

Working with Tottori University, Sharp has developed a cat litter tray equipped with the Pet Care Monitor, which automatically measures, records, and analyses all aspects of the cat’s diet and sends these reports to the owner’s smartphone.

Also on display was a vital statistics system for dogs, developed jointly with Osaka Prefecture University. It not only measures pulse rate and respiratory rate, but also measures the autonomic nerve balance of dogs, a world first.

Alongside the eight different areas for visitors to explore, we also demonstrated an array of practical solutions available now, including an 8K-equivalent monitor made up of four 45-inch 4K monitors, our first smartphone with an organic EL display, and a number of solutions using Toshiba’s dynabook notebook PC – a result of Sharp’s recent acquisition of Toshiba Client Solutions Co.


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