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10 reasons the Sharp PN-H801 is the perfect digital signage for retail

We think the Sharp PN-H801 is the perfect Digital Signage display for retail environments, offering great looks and a stunning performance - find out more...

Making the right impression is crucial in a retail environment, and this extends to the digital signage solutions that retailers choose for their shop floor. Until now, retailers’ options have been limited in terms of high quality digital image reproduction with a focus on colour:

“Retailers invest massively in their brand recognition, from their logo and corporate identity, to their heavily photoshopped advertising.” Michael Bailly, Sharp Marketing Director – Sharp Visual Solutions Europe, told us, “Unfortunately, when this artwork gets displayed digitally a lot of that effort goes to waste. This is due to restrictions in terms of colouring and colour accuracy found in many digital signage solutions.”

This is why Sharp developed the Sharp PN-H801, which as Michael explains,“is our new generation of LCD display with extended colour range. We’re really capitalising on our R&D and new Sharp technologies to offer a state-of-the-art digital signage display with extended colour range that unleashes all the hidden and compressed nuances of colours in your images.”

How is the Sharp PN-H801 different? Here we look at the 10 key features of the high-resolution display and explain why it’s perfect for a host of locations, especially retail settings, whether that’s on the shop floor or in the window.

Size and resolution

The PN-H801 has been designed to offer the best in size and image quality. To this end, it boasts an 80-inch display with 4K Ultra HD resolution that shows images and video in stunning detail. It achieves this by offering four times the resolution of Full HD, as well as high-contrast to deliver detail, depth, and clarity of information. What’s more, if the image isn’t in 4K resolution, the advanced upscaling engine of the PN-H801 can improve standard content, while at the same time minimising blurriness.

Wider range of colour

The PN-H801 uses LED backlight technology with a wide colour gamut to deliver rich, vivid images with more natural-looking colours. To put this into context, the PN-H801 offers an approximately 20 per cent larger sRGB colour scope than models from the previous generation, such as the Sharp PN-E802 model. So when you look at images, you’ll see a wider range of colours, especially in the red and green spectrums, giving images a more natural look and a truer representation of the original artwork.

Discrete bezel

To keep the focus on what’s on the screen we have kept the bezel thin and discrete. The slim aluminium bezel measures just 21mm on the bottom edge and 16mm on the top and sides.

24/7 operation

Retail digital signage is a 24/7 always-on operation. Even when a store is closed, a window with digital signage remains a valuable advertising space. To meet these needs the PN-H801 offers not only all-day use but great 24/7 warranty assurance. The Sharp PN-H801 has been designed from the ground-up to be an around-the-clock display that can readily handle long operating hours. Even after long periods of continuous operation, this monitor delivers a sharp, clear picture.

Integrated Speakers

Digital signage in retail has traditionally meant static images, but as moving video and audio plays an ever increasing role, the PN-H801 adds to the multimedia experience. Fitted with powerful built-in speakers, it eliminates the need for external speakers. The integrated solution means the elegance of the design is allowed to shine through, making for a sophisticated display.

Lightweight Design

Developments in display technology have allowed us to create a large panel weighing only 54Kg. This means you can install the Sharp PN-H801 in a wide variety of retail locations without the need for additional support. Carrying handles are located on each of the four corners, making it easier to transport around store and steadier to install.

Landscape or Portrait

The versatile design of the PN-H801 continues, as it supports both a landscape or portrait position. Landscape mode makes the most of wide images, while portrait allows for poster-like presentations. What’s more, the size of the screen means almost life-size images of people can be displayed in portrait mode, making it perfect for retail settings.

On Screen information

Controlling the delivery of content to the Sharp PN-H801 on a PC is easy thanks to the LAN interface. Fitted with four HDMI inputs you can readily switch between sources.

Video and slideshows without a PC

Digital signage often refers to displaying static images but with the PN-H801 you can readily play slideshows and videos without the need for a PC, courtesy of the built-in USB media player. By simply slotting in a USB memory stick to the back of the device, which comes with a handy cover for added security, you can use the media player and also make use of the auto play function to allows photos and videos to be played automatically.

Wide range of file formats

The media player supports a wide range of media formats from JPEG for photos to MP4 and MOV files for video and even WAV and MP3 for music. Photos can currently be saved to and played from the PN-H801’s internal memory.

Summing up his thoughts on the Sharp PN-H801, Michael Bailly told us, “This display is aimed at the new generation of retailers and businesses insisting upon sharper images and looking to capitalise on the beauty and desirability of their products.”

If you’re looking to make the most of your retail space, discover more about the Sharp PN-H801.


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