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Sharp to Introduce Two New XS1-Series AQUOS LCD TVs

Berlin, 28.08.2008

Achieving Amazing Levels of Image Quality, Environmental Performance and Thinness.

Sharp Corporation has announced the introduction of 65V- and 52V-inch models of its next-generation LCD TVs, the AQUOS XS1 Series. Through the utilisation of newly developed LCD panels, this series achieves high image quality, advanced environmental performance, and a thinner design than ever.

The newly developed LCD panels, which incorporate a new RGB-LED backlight system, feature a contrast ratio of more than 1,000,000:1 that delivers ultimate visibility of deep blacks. In addition, a colour reproduction scale of EBU  166% (NTSC 150%) significantly improves colour reproduction for dark scenes and delivers a brighter, more vivid array of colours.
Also, Sharp has incorporated environmentally conscious, energy-saving technology into XS1-Series LCD TVs by equipping them with a new system designed to lower power consumption during use by adjusting the screen brightness based on the level of brightness in the area of installation.
The thinnest part of these TVs is only one inch (2.3 cm) thick and a metallic edge around the frame gives the new models a stylish, sophisticated look. This thinness and design allow for an even greater variety of installation styles, such as wall mounting, giving customers more freedom to incorporate the new models into the design of room interiors.
As for sound quality, Sharp cooperated with Pioneer Corporation to develop a thin-design speaker system that combines with Sharp’s unique 1-bit digital amplifier to create natural, clear sound.
Since the introduction of the first AQUOS LCD TV in 2001, Sharp has continuously aimed for the highest levels of achievement for image quality and screen size. Now, the XS1-Series AQUOS LCD TVs’ image quality, sound quality, design, and environmental performance make them truly worthy of being called the “next generation” of LCD TVs. 

Sharp will offer consumers a new audio-visual lifestyle through AQUOS XS1 Series.



Product name:                      Full-HD LCD TV
Nickname:                           AQUOS
Model Name Display:          LC-65XS1E  and LC-52XS1E
Model Name Tuner Box:     TU-X1E
Dot count (H x V)                Full HD 1,920 x 1,080
Date of introduction              October, 2008

Major Features
1. Thin, low-energy-consuming next-generation LCD panel with amazingly high image quality
- Contrast ratio of more than 1,000,000:1 for ultimate visibility of deep blacks
- Colour reproduction scale of EBU 166% for a brighter, more vivid array of colours
- High-quality thin design, only 2.3 cm at thinnest part
2. Thin-design speaker system developed jointly with Pioneer Corporation
3. AQUOS Familink for simple, easy operation of connected AQUOS Blu-ray devices

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