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New universal print driver from Sharp

Europe, 15.01.2010

With the new Universal Print Driver (UPD) from Sharp, IT departments will be able to ensure even greater efficiency in the installation, management and configuration of their network MFPs. A single uniform and familiar user interface is now used for all systems, making each device easier to operate and therefore also reducing the costs of end-user support services.

In the past, a product-specific printer driver has always been necessary in order to send print jobs to a multifunction device. For the IT management department, this requirement inevitably led to high productivity losses, because each specific driver had to be separately installed, managed and configured. At the same time, end users were confronted with several different interface concepts on their PCs. Thanks to Sharp, this scenario is now a thing of the past. The new Sharp UDP enables cost-conscious companies to reduce the complexity and costs of their information systems significantly, whilst also considerably improving the ease of use of their MFPs.

“Our Universal Print Driver substantially lightens the workload of the IT department, because this driver can be used by virtually every Sharp network MFP,” says Keiichi Katsuta, President of the Devision Sharp Information Systems Europe. “In addition to the task of installing new devices, the process of retrofitting and replacing existing systems has also been made easier. Each successor model can now be configured simply by adopting the IP address of its predecessor model. The MFP will then be automatically identified, and the user settings will be updated accordingly, without having to go through an entire new installation”. In addition, all universally applied settings, such as monochrome or duplex printing, can be programmed centrally, thereby giving administrators further opportunities for cost control.

There are also many advantages for the end user on PC. For example, with the aid of the universal print driver, users will now have no problems sending their jobs to any compatible Sharp MFP in their corporate network. A uniform user interface is provided for device operation and real-time printer status monitoring. End users are also even spared the tasks of familiarization with new systems and driver interfaces when integrating new devices. The associated support costs are also eliminated.

The new universal print driver is compatible with the Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems and with Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 and can be used with a large number of MFPs in the Sharp line-up.[1] The UPD is available now from authorized dealers.

[1] The UPD recognizes the following Sharp MFPs: MX-2600N, MX-3100N, MX-4100N, MX-4101N, MX-5000N, MX-5001N, MX-C310, DX-310, MX-C311, DX-C311, DX-C311 J, MX-C380, MX-C381, DX-C381, DX-C400, MX-C401, DX-C401, DX-C401 J,MX-B381, MX-B401, MX-M283N, MX-M363N, MX-M363U, MX-M453N, MX-M453U, MX-M503N, MX-M503U, MX-2301N, MX-M160, MX-M160D, MX-M200D, MX-M260 and MX-M310.

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