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Home Appliances

Sharp offers you a large range of innovative products for your home from Microwaves to Fridge-Freezers through to the very latest Plasmacluster Air Purifiers.

Successfully producing microwave ovens for over 40 years, Sharp's expertise is unparalleled. Whether you choose a standard microwave or an extremely versatile combination microwave, there's a model to suit your family's needs.

Fitting perfectly into your kitchen and lifestyle, Sharp's new range of frost-free fridge freezers has unique Plasmacluster technology and a hybrid cooling system that eliminates bacteria and strong odours and keeps your food beautifully fresh for much longer.

Going beyond traditional air purification, Sharp Air Purifiers work together with an in-built humidifier to clean the air while preventing dust and pollen becoming air-borne. The built-in Ion generator separates water molecules, drawn in from the surrounding air, creating both positive hydrogen and negative oxygen ions. These are then showered into the surrounding atmosphere, removing odours, allergens and viruses.