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Audio Buyer’s Guide

Your favourite music at your fingertips! There are two types of Sharp Hi-Fi systems: Micro and Mini but which of these would be ideal for you?

Micro Systems

Micro Systems are small enough to fit anywhere within your music environment. Within Sharp's Micro Systems range, there are high power and low power systems depending on your requirements.

Low power Micros are space-saving sound systems. Our model range features Micros with USB and SD playback, Blue screen display, 5 mode preset Equalizer, and RDS Tuner. Our XL-UH4H model is an example of a low power Micro and has 16W output.

High power Micros are small in size but big in sound. Our high power Micro range features 5-CD changer, USB playback, Multi Colour Flourescent Display, RDS Tuner Choose between 100W (model XL-220H) or 160W (model XL-UH240H) output.

Mini Systems

Mini Hi-fi’s are medium sized systems. Minis are generally more powerful and have more features than a micro hi-fi. Load a CD-R/RW disc with all your favourite WMA and MP3 hits and be your own D.J.. Play them back on Sharp’s powerful mini component system by using the cool two line text navigation which lets you locate all your favourite music. Blue flashing speakers and subwoofer will definitely set the stage alight. The 400W ouput provided by the CDSW300H model would be your ideal selection.