Supersize AQUOS 80"

Now everyone can enjoy a 203 cm / 80” TV!

The AQUOS LC-80LE646 makes it possible for more people to enjoy the pleasure of having a big screen TV at home.

Big-screen emotion and stadium atmosphere in your own living room

 Thanks to its gigantic diagonal screen size of 203 cm (80-inch) and, the almost life-sized pictures, you get a real stadium atmosphere in your own living room. You feel as if you are sitting directly in the penalty area living at the heart of the action. The really big sports and home cinema moments are provided not least by the true-to-life detail reproduction of the TV giant, which, thanks to full LED backlighting and 100Hz technology, ensures razor sharp, high contrast pictures in brilliant colours, in every film and game scene.

An 80” / 203cm screen offers more than double the screen area than a 55” / 140cm TV

A really big TV makes the whole viewing experience so much bigger. /This is Why we’re bringing you even more screen area and new technology to take your viewing to the next level.

A really big TV gives you outstanding viewing, and in combination with Sharp’s prizewinning picture technology you’ll find a whole new world of TV opening up to you. Quattron 3D, a new generation of high-speed LCD panels and advanced LED backlight technology displays more vivid and natural colours, more dramatic. You’ll experience an extra dimension in everything you watch.


Get the whole cinema experience from the comfort of your own sofa! You simply have to see the new 60, 70 or 80-inch AQUOS Supersize TV.

Big Sports moments with outstanding A++ energy efficiency

The really big sports and home cinema moments come to live with a host of cutting-edge technologies that include full LED backlight and 100Hz technology, which ensure razor sharp, high contrast pictures in brilliant colours, in every film and game scene. And all that without a cinema auditorium with a high-quality TV signal such as HD television or with Blu-ray discs, a large viewing distance is no longer necessary – 3 metres is quite sufficient for Europe’s largest TV experience. However the LCD does not only do big; with an excellent class A++ energy efficiency rating, the new Sharp set is able to simultaneously impress with an extremely low power usage.

Enjoy over 2m never-seen-before screen

Sharp’s new ultra-modern Sakai production plant in Japan is designed to produce large LCD panels with minimal material consumption and environmental impact. Efficiency and cutting edge technology enable production of high quality screens at very competitive prices.

The LC-80LE645E comes with AQUOS NET+ and media player capabilities. The new Timeshift+ function not only lets you pause the current program, but lets you program a recording for viewing later.


Some details about the LC-80LE646E

The AQUOS LED LC-80LE646E allows you to enjoy everything you can see on TV in a super large format. The latest Sharp image technology such as Full LED Backlight gives you a perfect picture for all kinds of TV programmes, especially Blu-ray.

Internet TV via AQUOS NET+ and the media function allows you to record and play back movies, music and photos wirelessly from your home network, bringing yet another dimension to your TV viewing. And even though this is a 80-inch model, its energy consumption is A++ class!



• Full-HD LCD TV
• Full LED Backlight
• 100 Hz results in a high response speed for moving scenes
• AQUOS NET+ 2.0 to see the latest movies with Video on Demand
• WiFi / DLNA
• Media function plays back videos, photos and music from your home network
• TimeShift-ready to enable pausing of live digital TV (requires USB device)
• Freeview HD
• 4 HDMI inputs (featuring 1x ARC and 4x 3D)
• CI+ ready
• Energy class A++

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