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Green Office

Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd awarded Green Office status

Sharp Electronics (UK) Limited has been assessed by Sharp Corporation and approved to have achieved the Green Office status based on its strict environmental guidelines. Green Office is an important accolade for Sharp UK as it demonstrates that our environmental efforts are recognized as real action against climate change and that we have made significant improvements in our environmental performance.

It signifies that we have:

  • Maximized our efforts to protect the environment by expansion of sales of energy saving products
  • Implemented measures to reduce energy consumption
  • Contracted to 100% green electricity supply
  • Used solar energy to reduce reliance on electricity supply
  • Recycled waste
  • Improved our environmental communication internally and externally
  • Promoted CSR and local activities
  • Identified projects and set targets to further improve our environmental endeavour to combat climate change
  • Continual commitment to address the environmental issues that we can influence

Our work towards a greener future continues…

Sharp UK is proud to have achieved this status and will continue to work hard to do what is best for the protection of our environment.